4 Tips For Planning An Amazing Brunch Party


When you want to plan a party, you don’t necessarily have to have one at home or at a big fancy venue. Approximately 63% of professional chefs surveyed in 2018 predicted ethnic-inspired breakfast foods to be hot trends across the United States. Getting everyone together for brunch at one of the best brunch places in Miami can be a great party idea without having to spend a fortune. Here are four tips to help you plan an amazing brunch party.

Scout Out Locations
Go online and research the best brunch places in Miami for you to host your party. You will want to find a private event restaurant that has communal seating. Write down a list of around five to eight brunch places and go scout each one. Try to visit during the time you will want to host your party so you can get an idea of what the vibe and the brunch menu will be like. Talk with the managers and see if they are willing to allow you to host a party on the day and time you would like to have it.

Discuss Details
Once you have narrowed your selection, schedule a meeting with the manager or owner to discuss the details of your private event. You will want to find out if you can have permission to bring decorations or outside food such as a cake. What are their policies on things like flowers, candles, and balloons? Let the restaurant know how many guests will be expected to attend so they can schedule enough staff.

Be Transparent With Invitations
Be clear with guests on whether you are truly hosting a private party or planning a get-together. Hosting typically means you are going to pay for everything. If you plan for guests to pay for their meals, let them know ahead of time so no one is confused.

Tip Generously
At the end of your party, make sure to reward staff with a generous tip when you pay your bill. You may also want to consider sending a handwritten thank you note a few days after the event. This will help build a good relationship to host a private event in the future.

Choosing one of the outdoor restaurants Miami has to offer can be an excellent choice when it comes to the best brunch places for your party. Hosting a brunch makes party planning a breeze and the best part is that you won’t have much to clean up afterward. You and your guests are sure to have an amazing time!

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