A Guide To Brunch Etiquette


The modern picture of a perfect weekend includes plenty of time to relax, doing fun activities, and exploring the best brunch places. When you get a group of friends together for that perfect brunch, there are key ways everyone can keep their manners in check to make the meal enjoyable for all brunchers and servers involved. Discover these easy ways to have the best brunch possible.

Share Food With A Plan

When you have a large group at brunch, there are many different ideas of how the brunch will go floating around. One of the things to get out of the way is if everyone at the table wants to share dishes. With so many tasty items on a brunch menu, this strategy may appeal to everyone. If you decide this at the beginning, ask the server for side plates and extra utensils. This will make the process easier and minimize the spread of germs.

Take Pictures At The Beginning

As the brunch organizer, you may be tempted to ban phones from the meal so that everyone can enjoy the conversation without taking pictures. Instead, try to be considerate of some diners' desires to get that perfect Instagram picture and have the inevitable photoshoot at the beginning. This gets the phones out of the way when the actual eating starts and you'll be able to look back at the reminder of your wonderful brunch later on.

Check The Brunch Menu Beforehand

Nearly every restaurant has their menu online and most are mobile friendly. By checking the menu beforehand you'll know exactly what they offer on their brunch menu. For anyone with dietary restrictions, knowing this information before getting to the restaurant will ensure that they can actually order something they can eat. This can also give those poky decision-makers time to pick something out ahead of time.

Prepare For Communal Tipping

The restaurant industry is projected to create about 1.6 million jobs by 2027. The people who work these jobs spend endless hours making sure your meal is perfect, so the polite thing to do is make their hectic job as simple as possible. Giving the server a pile of credit cards to split the bill and tip can slow down their whole morning. Encourage your brunch guests to have cash on hand for the tip and have one friend front the bill while the rest of the group pays them back in that handy cash or through an app like Venmo.

The best brunch, free of complications and delays, is possible with a bit of planning. Lay out these simple rules and everyone is sure to have a memorable meal.

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