Branch Out With Brunch -- Here's Why

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The word "brunch" has been around since 1896 (at least), when it first appeared in print in a column of an old Pennsylvania newspaper, the New Oxford. But it's grown in popularity recently -- millennials do love to brunch! And there's no better time for brunch in the summer -- almost half of the diners in the United States said they preferred to eat out during the summer months (al fresco dining, anyone?). Though the classics of eggs and bacon for brunch are always popular, you might consider branching out a little. Over 60% of professional chefs in 2018 suggested that ethnic-inspired breakfast foods would be hot items on restaurant breakfast and brunch menus. Try a Mexican twist on eggs benedict or the ever-popular huevos rancheros, instead of scrambled eggs and toast!

Why Is Brunch So Popular?

Brunch falls in that magical time between breakfast and lunch. For the younger set, it might be close to the time they're getting up. For everyone else, it's a nice in-between meal or excuse to have a more laidback weekend.

Drinking is also condoned at brunch, with mimosas, bloody marys, and other brunch cocktails served at most brunch places. This can also make a festive occasion and feels a little more upscale than "lunch."

A brunch menu is also extremely versatile, with options from both breakfast and lunch menus usually available. If you want eggs benedict or an omelette, that's available, but if you're thinking more about a burger or big salad, you can usually find that on brunch menus too!

In the summer, outdoor restaurants are especially popular for brunch -- it's usually a nice place for pictures and it's before the true heat of the day really sets in.

Try Brunch With a Mexican Twist

If you're looking for a unique twist on brunch, consider visiting an upscale Mexican restaurant that also offers brunch! It will likely be a fun, festive atmosphere and a nice shift away from the typical brunch places you frequent. The best brunch has a good mix of sweet and savory and you can find all that and more on a brunch menu at a Mexican restaurant.

Huevos rancheros and chilaquiles or carne asada and eggs are often popular menu options. If you're craving enchiladas or a burrito though, you're also likely to find that on the brunch menu. For starters, there's almost certainly guacamole or salsa with tortilla chips, empanadas, elote, and the restaurant's variation on nachos.

On the sweeter side, you'll likely find pancakes or french toast, but perhaps with ingredients like dulce de leche or crema, to make them stand out.

In addition to the usual brunch cocktails, you might also be able to find an extra spicy Bloody Mary and a variety of margaritas to choose from. In short, there's something for everyone to try and enjoy at brunch, and you might just find yourself a new favorite brunch spot in town!

Need an Occasion for Brunch? Try These

Though any weekend is a good excuse to brunch, if you're looking for a more special occasion to celebrate over brunch, there are numerous reasons to go! Brunch is often conveniently timed for after church services, so celebrating a first communion or baptism with brunch can be a great way to take some of the hosting burdens off you.

Birthdays can be a great reason to go to brunch (and often less expensive than dinner!). Similarly, a girls' trip, reunion, or finding time to hang out with friends can all be done over brunch. It gives you one location to meet at and you'll never be hungry or thirsty at brunch! Plus, it's a great way to try restaurants in your area, explore different neighborhoods, and get to know what kind of cuisine is around your town or city.

Branch out of your brunch comfort zone and look for a delicious Mexican brunch! Trust us, your tastebuds will thank you -- and you might just discover the next "it" spot for you and your family or friends!

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