How To Turn A Brunch Menu Into Your Health Food Haven

brunch menu

You've just set one of your New Year resolutions to eat healthier food, but now your friends are organizing a fantastic weekend brunch. You're now left with the decision to stick to your resolution or go out for a fun-filled Saturday brunch. Luckily, you won't actually have to choose one option over the other as brunch menus are filled with healthy options. Know these tips for easily pinpointing those healthy choices and feel free to enjoy your brunch for all of the deliciousness it offers.

Create Your Own Omelet

The main reason why brunch is a meal more inclined to healthy foods is because of eggs. They are a great source of nutrition, particularly when you combine high-protein egg whites and yolks that contain Vitamin D, choline, and B vitamins. This makes omelets the perfect vessel for other healthy food groups including vegetables and dairy. Many brunch menus will give an option to build your own omelet, or you can order one already set out on the menu and customize it as you like. The best ingredients to have in an omelet are fresh spinach, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and a dash of cheese.

Be Wary Of Sugar

When you're scanning the menus of the best brunch places, you may be looking for seemingly light options like oatmeal and granola from which you can choose. While these picks sound like they would be healthy options, they're often filled with oil, butter, and sugar. Be sure to ask your server how the oatmeal or granola is prepared before you order it. This sugar wariness also applies to one of the best parts of brunch: cocktails. Mimosas are a brunch classic, but they're filled with sugar just as bellinis and margaritas are. A Bloody Mary or just a simple glass of champagne are typically the wisest choices for a healthy brunch cocktail.

Suggest Sharing

The sides on a brunch menu are often the most tempting, but the sugars and fats can add up quickly. If you're truly craving everything on the menu, suggest splitting some sides with your fellow brunchers. They're probably also eyeing some choice treats that they would love to share instead of eating it all themselves. This strategy is especially useful for sweet treats like muffins and croissants that not only meet your daily sugar intake, but fill you up before you get to the good stuff.

There were about 660,755 restaurants in the United States as of Spring 2018, and all of them have enticing options on their menu that might not line up quite right with your nutrition plans. Stay on course with your healthy choices and enjoy a nice brunch by thinking wisely about what you order.

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